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Combine two excellent routes into one great adventure!  The Agnes Lake Loop starts out with the beautiful Falls Chain with is numerous stunning water falls.  At Kawnipi Lake, known for its excellent fisheries, turn south west.  Follow Agnes along, watching for the Native American pictographs, until you meet up with the Canada-Minnesota border.  Swing around to the east and head back up along the Man Chain and return to Saganaga Lake.  You have the option of cutting out six hours of paddling on either end of your trip by taking a tow boat shuttle across Saganaga Lake to American Point.

(This trip requires a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit in addition to a Quetico Park permit and Ontario Fishing Licenses.  See our Quetico page for more information.)

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Ontario Parks entry permit needed: #73 Falls Chain Lakes

Maps for this route:

  • Fisher Maps – F19 & F26 & F25 & F18 & F10 & F11
  • McKenzie Maps – 6A & 26 & 37 & 36 & & 27 & 9 & 8

(Route lines are an approximation and should not be used for navigation.)

Starting at Saganaga Lake, paddle or get a tow to American Point/Hook Island

  • Continue paddling into Cache Bay – Stop at the ranger station pick up your permit and pay user fees
  • Portage 130 rods around Silver Falls into Saganagons Lake – Silver Falls can be tricky when the water levels are high.  Be sure to ask for advice and current conditions in the office before starting your trip.
  • Portage 75 rods over Dead Man’s Portage into North Bay of Saganagons Lake -or- skip this portage by paddling longer around the peninsula
  • Paddle the Falls Chain heading down stream
  • Portage 50 rods around rapids
  • Portage 17 rods around rapids
  • Portage 7 rods around Bald Rock Falls
  • Portage 32 rods around Little Falls – portage is on the east side, some maps are mislabeled
  • Portage 56 rods around Koko Falls
  • Portage 48 rods around Canyon Falls into Kenny Lake
  • Portage 4 rods around Kennebas Falls into Atkins Bay of Kawnipi Lake – high water can make this portage tricky, please ask for current conditions
  • Paddle into Murdock Lake
  • Portage 22 rods into the Agnes River West Channel
    • Portage 60 rods
    • Portage 109 rods
  • Portage 30 rods into Agnes Lake
  • Portage 104 rods into Meadows Lake
  • Portage 191 rods into Sunday Lake
  • Portage 127 rods into Bayley Bay of Basswood Lake
  • Portage along Prairie Portage into Sucker Lake
  • Paddle into Birch Lake
  • Portage into Carp Lake
  • Portage 15 rods into Sheridan Lake
  • Portage 136 rods into That Man Lake
  • Portage 103 rods into No Man Lake
  • Portage 36 rods into This Man Lake
  • Portage 67 rods into Other Man Lake
  • Portage 29 rods into an unnamed lake
  • Portage 24 rods into an unnamed lake
  • Portage 56 rods into Bell Lake
  • Portage 42 rods into an unnamed lake
  • Portage 67 rods into Fran Lake
  • Portage 73 rods into Slate Lake
  • Portage 17 rods into Saganagons Lake
  • Portage 68 rods into Lilypad Lake
  • Portage 41 rods into Jasper Lake
  • Portage 106 rods into Ottertrack Lake
  • Portage 80 rods along Monument Portage into Swamp Lake
  • Portage 5 rods into Saganaga Lake

Once on Saganaga Lake, have our tow boats pick you up at Hook Island or paddle back to the landing for a pick up!

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Snapshots for this route

Quetico Provincial Park Ontario Camping Trip Boundary Waters

Reeling in a lake trout on Lake Agnes

Camping trip Ontario Quetico Provincial Park Boundary Waters

Kenny Lake campsite

Quetico Provincial Park paddling reflection Ontario canoe trip boundary waters

Agnes Lake

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