Gunflint Trail summer staff employment opportunity

Do you love the outdoors? Want to spend a summer living and working on Minnesota’s historic Gunflint Trail with direct access to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provincal Park? Tuscarora Lodge and Canoe Outfitters is looking for hard-working employees who are passionate about camping, canoeing, and getting outside.

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The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, located on the U.S./Canadian border in northeastern Minnesota, is the most popular wilderness area in the United States. Guests come to Tuscarora Lodge and Canoe Outfitters to take multiple-day canoe camping trips into the Boundary Waters and the Quetico Provincial Park. Most guests spend the night before their canoe trip in one of Tuscarora’s private bunkhouses and enjoy a hot French toast breakfast in our dining hall before starting their camping adventure. All year long we also host cabin guests in the six housekeeping rental cabins located on Tuscarora’s property. Each summer, we invite a crew of 7-12 summer staff to join us at Tuscarora to assist our guests as they start and end their canoe trips; to maintain Tuscarora’s gear, grounds, and facilities; and to continue Tuscarora’s tradition of cleanliness, friendliness, and excellent customer service.

We seek individuals who will thrive as employees in our unique setting. Tuscarora is located one hour from the nearest town (Grand Marais, population approximately 2000) and three hours from the nearest city (Duluth, population approximately 90,000). We are 6 hours from the Twin Cities and about 2 1/2 hours from Thunder Bay, Ontario. The Gunflint Trail is a 57-mile road that winds through the Superior National Forest between two sections of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This wilderness road is home to 20+ Northwoods resorts/canoe outfitters, three restaurants, and many summer cabins. There is no cell phone coverage on the Gunflint Trail, but there is high-speed internet and Verizon cell phone service at Tuscarora to make it easy for employees to stay in touch with home. Due to our rural setting, employees who are independent, self-starters, and comfortable entertaining themselves tend to get the most out of their time at Tuscarora.

We truly believe everyone should spend at least one summer of their life working on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Work on the Gunflint Trail in northeastern Minnesota is a challenging and rewarding experience. If you’d enjoy a summer of hard work in a unique community with the benefits of living in the North Woods, apply for work at Tuscarora Lodge and Canoe Outfitters today: 2017 Tuscarora Job Application

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Submit your complete application to info@tuscaroracanoe.com as a PDF or JPEG attachment and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


We hire a pool of people to do a wide variety of tasks.  You will be hired for a primary duty and will be expected to share in all duties as needed.  Working as a team is an important part of being a Tuscarora staff member.  You will be hired for one of the following areas:


  • Clean and maintain all gear including scrubbing cook kits, scrubbing and inspecting canoes, cleaning and inspecting tents, etc.
  • Load equipment into vehicles and trailers
  • Transport guests and equipment to and from various landings
  • Pack fresh and dried food as well as staples, cooking utensils and clean-up supplies
  • General resort maintenance (mowing, painting, raking, cleaning vehicles, etc.)
  • Assist crew cook, housekeeping, and office staff as needed


  • Clean cabins, bunkhouses, shower house and other buildings (Some areas are cleaned more than once a day)
  • Cook/Serve breakfast for guests (proper attire required)
  • General resort maintenance (mowing, painting, raking, cleaning vehicles, etc.)
  • Assist crew cook, outfitting, and office staff as needed


  • Plan meals and order supplies for feeding a staff of 9 – 15 people
  • Prepare meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the staff daily
  • Maintain a clean environment in the Tuscarora kitchens
  • Assist office, housekeeping,  and outfitting staff as needed

Spend a summer working in the Boundary Waters


Tuscarora is open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day in the summer season. Employees are guaranteed 40 hours of work with one full day off per week. Employees work less than 7 hours per day on work days, providing our staff members with ample time to explore their Boundary Waters backyard, especially since summer days are LONG in northern Minnesota. We seek employees who truly enjoy spending time outdoors and most of our employees fill their days outside of work with canoeing, hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, picnicking, and enjoying the beauty of the Northwoods. Employees can use Tuscarora equipment (canoes, tents, etc.) during their time off to camp, fish, and day trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Boundary Waters staff at playCOMPENSATION

Employees receive a monthly salary based on ability and experience. We provide complimentary living quarters. (We do not deduct housing costs from the salary you are quoted when we interview you for a position at Tuscarora.) You will share one of our 2 to 4 room cabins with fellow crew members and will have your own private bedroom. You will be assigned one of our employee-only restrooms which you will share with 1-2 other crew members. These restrooms have full shower facilities and are located in our main buildings. Cleanliness of these communal areas is the responsibility of all employees.

In the shoulder season (May, September, and October), staff are responsible for preparing their own meals in the crew cabin, which has ample cooking and food storage space. In the months of June, July, and August, we feed the staff three meals at day. Breakfast items are supplied in the crew cabin, for staff members to prepare on their own before starting their work day. The entire staff gathers at noon for lunch prepared by the crew cook and again at 6 p.m. for dinner prepared for the crew cook. Mealtimes are fun, friendly events, allowing the staff to catch up with each other and bond. (We do not deduct meal costs from the salary you are quoted when we interview you for a position at Tuscarora.)


We seek seasonal employees who can work between May – mid/late August. In addition, we have employment opportunities in September through mid-October. We will work around your school schedule, but we ask that you commit to your dates carefully, as we fill our positions based on commitments.


We begin accepting applications in October for the following summer:  2017 Tuscarora Job Application. We will continue to accept applications until all positions are finalized in April.  We begin making staffing decisions around the 1st of February.  We interview job candidates via phone or video messenger and we also call your references and do a background check. Return your completed application to info@tuscaroracanoe.com as a PDF or JPEG attachment. Take time to carefully and thoroughly complete the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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