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The Red Rock Loop is an easy weekend adventure that takes you on some of the larger lakes in the area.  The fishing is excellent on all of the lakes, with all four of the major sport species present.  While there are only three portages on this trip, there is a lot of paddling to be done!  There is an optional tow drop off/pick up point on the Red Rock portage from Saganaga Lake for those who wish to shorten the trip and avoid paddling on this large, motorized lake.

US Forest Service entry permit needed (route can be done in either direction) – #54 Seagull Lake – or – #55 Saganaga Lake

Maps for this route –

  • Fisher Maps – F32 – or – F19
  • McKenzie Maps – 6A – or – T3

(Route lines are an approximation and should not be used for navigation.)

This routes starts from the Seagull Lake Public Landing (Blankenburg Landing)

  • Portage 100 rods into Alpine Lake– 21 campsites
  • Portage 50 rods into Red Rock Lake – 8 campsites
  • Portage 10 rods into Saganaga Lake – Once on Saganaga your group can paddle back to the public landing or Tuscarora can pick your group up in our tow boats which can save up to six hours of paddling.

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Snapshots from this route

SeagullPalisades Boundary Waters canoe trip

Seagull Lake Palisades

South shore of Seagull Lake near the end of Three-Mile Island

South shore of Seagull Lake near the end of Three-Mile Island

Boundary Waters Gunflint Trail Canoe Trip

Alpine Lake

Saganaga Lake Boundary Waters Quetico Canoe Trip

Saganaga Lake

Boundary Waters moose Saganaga Lake

Moose cow with calf along the Saganaga Lake Corridor

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