Starting a trip on Saganaga Lake?  We offer Tow Service across Saganaga from our private landing.  We transport you, your canoes and gear to or from entry points on Sag, saving you up to 6 hours of paddling time.

Most of our Quetico guests opt for a tow to Hook Island to get into the Canadian wilderness faster. 

Those traveling down the U.S./Canada border on the Border Route Canoe Route often use a tow to and/or from American Point. 

If you want to get to Marabouef Lake faster, or you want to cut off some paddling at the end of your Granite River trip, get a tow to or from Saganaga Falls. 

A tow to Red Rock Portage is great for either the Red Rock Loop canoe route or a Saganaga Lake base camp.  

  One Way Round Trip
American Point/Hook Island $54 per person $82 per person
Red Rock Portage $64 per person $88 per person
Saganaga Falls $54 per person $82 per person