Snipe Lake Loop PinThis Boundary Waters canoe route starts right up our driveway and makes a small loop through the BWCA, bringing you back to our dock on Round Lake.  Easy to moderate portages are offset by small, winding lakes giving you a good introductory taste of what the area has to offer.  This route can be done in either direction as a day trip or as a multi-night trip.

US Forest Service entry permit needed (route can be done in either direction): #50 Cross Bay Lake – or – #51 Missing Link Lake

Maps for this route –

  • Fisher Maps – F12
  • McKenzie Maps – 7 or T2

(Route lines are an approximation and should not be used for navigation.)

The Snipe Loop starts approximately 300 yards up our driveway on the Cross River 

  • Portage 50 rods to the Cross River
  • Portage 40 rods to Ham Lake – with 4 campsites, this is a great lake to stop and fish for walleye and smallmouth
  • Portage 24 rods to Cross Bay Lake – this long winding lake has 2 campsites, is usually frequented by moose, and has some great fishing.
  • Portage 42 rods to Snipe Lake – 4 campsites on this lake which is a classically beautiful BWCA gem.
  • Portage 180 challenging rods to Missing Link Lake – this designated trout lake stocked with stream trout has 3 campsites
  • Portage 142 rods and paddle back to our dock on Round Lake

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Snapshots from this route

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