Horseshoe Base Camp PinA base camp on Horseshoe Lake is an excellent way to get a taste for the BWCA or to maximize a weekend getaway.  Three quick portages sets you into the narrow and winding Horseshoe Lake which also makes for a relatively easy exit at the end of your trip.  Spend your time fishing, watching for moose, or just relaxing at camp.  Day trip down south to Vista to fish for walleye or further still into Misquah for lake trout.  Loop through Allen, Jump, and Gaskin lakes for a short day adventure.  Day trip down into Winchell Lake to check out the cliffs.  Head north to Caribou or Meeds for even more fishing opportunities!  When you adventure is done, give us a call and we will pick you up (shuttling costs will apply)!

US Forest Service entry permit needed – #47 Lizz & Swamp Lakes

Maps for this route –

  • Fisher Maps – F13
  • McKenzie Maps – 4 & 2 – or – T1

(Route lines are an approximation and should not be used for navigation.)

The Horseshoe Lake Base Camp canoe route starts on Poplar Lake.  Shuttle fees apply for a pick-up at Poplar Haus Lodge or a drop off at Poplar Lake Public Landing.

  • Paddle across Poplar Lake
  • Portage 63 rods into Lizz Lake
  • Portage 68 rods into Caribou Lake – 8 campsites
  • Portage 20 rods into Horseshoe Lake – 7 campsites

Return by the same route.

Fishing on the Horseshoe Lake Base Camp Canoe Route

Lake Fish Species Maximum Depth Notes
Lizz Brook Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye 30 ft Designated trout lake
Caribou Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye 26 ft  
Horseshoe Northern pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye 26 ft  

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