The Round Lake to Seagull Lake route takes you from Tuscarora’s dock to Seagull Lake through some great fishing lakes.  This loop takes you through some prime lake trout territory and finishes on some wonderful walleye water. Round Lake to Seagull Lake Route A is a challenging adventure that takes you through the best canoe country in Minnesota and is very remote.  You will be covering a lot of ground on this loop!

US Forest Service entry permit needed (route can be done in either direction) – #51 Missing Link Lake – or – #54 Seagull Lake

Maps for this route –

  • Fisher Maps – F12 & F11 & F19
  • McKenzie Maps – 7 & 8 & 19 & 6

 (Route lines are an approximation and should not be used for navigation.)

Round Lake to Seagull Lake Route is a loop that will start at our dock on Round Lake 

  • Portage 142 rods to Missing Link Lake – this designated trout lake has 3 campsites
  • Portage 426 rods to Tuscarora Lake – this large lake is home to wonderful lake trout fishing with 10 campsites perfect for basecamping
  • Portage 63 rods to Owl Lake
  • Portage 55 rods to Crooked Lake – 6 campsites
  • Portage 50 rods to Tarry Lake
  • Portage 10 rods to Mora Lake – 4 campsites
  • Portage 45 rods to Little Saganaga Lake – this large lake is a great destination lake with 24 campsites and many islands and lake trout
  • Portage 30 rods to Rattle Lake
  • Portage 25 rods to Gabimichigami Lake – a large and extremely deep lake with 8 campsites
  • Portage 15 rods to Agamok Lake – 4 campsites
  • Portage 100 rods to Mueller Lake – this portage crosses the Kekekabic Hiking trail so be sure to not make a wrong turn!
  • Portage 80 rods to Ogishkemuncie Lake – 10 campsites and good bass and walleye fishing
  • Portage 38 rods to Kingfisher Lake
  • Portage 25 rods to Jasper Lake
  • Portage 45 rods into Alpine Lake – This portage closely follows a beautiful rapids.
  • Portage 110 rods into Seagull Lake – 38 campsites. This lake is perfect for base camping. Climb the Seagull Lake palisades for a beautiful view.

Round Lake to Seagull Lake Route A breaks away from the route above at Little Saganaga Lake and heads west –

  • Portage 19 rods to an unnamed lake
  • Portage 19 rods into Elton Lake – 3 campsites
  • Portage 60 rods into Makwa Lake – 2 campsites and beautiful black and white streaked cliffs
  • Portage 65 rods into and unnamed lake
  • Portage 89 rods into Panhandle Lake
  • Portage 55 rods into Pan Lake – 2 campsites
  • Portage 60 rods into Anit Lake
  • Portage 20 rods into Kivaniva Lake – 1 campsite
  • Portage 25 rods into the Kawishiwi River – 7 campsites. Take 40 and 20 rod portages around rapids. Take a small side paddle into Fishdance Lake to see some pictographs
  • Portage 70 rods around rapids
  • Portage 20 rods into Alice Lake – 16 campsites, old growth forest and several sand beaches.
  • Portage 10 rods into Cacabic Lake
  • Portage 240 rods into Thomas Lake – This beautiful lake has 17 campsites. You will paddle through a channel surrounded by cliffs into Fraser Lake, which has five campsites.
  • Portage 15 rods into Gerund Lake – 1 campsite.
  • Portage 30 rods into Ahmakose Lake
  • Portage 90 rods into Wasini Lake – 3 campsites.
  • Portage 10 rods into Strup Lake – 1 campsite
  • Portage 85 rods into Kekekabic Lake – This lake features 16 campsites, dramatic cliffs, and pictographs.
  • Take 5, 15, 20, 10, and 15 rod portages through the Kek Ponds to Eddy Lake, which has three campsites. Stop at the portage into South Arm Knife Lake to see Eddy Falls.
  • Portage 15 rods into Jenny Lake – 2 campsites
  • Portage 15 rods into Annie Lake
  • Portage 15 rods into Ogishkemuncie Lake and rejoin Route 7

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Snapshots from this route:

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip Gunflint Trail entry point

Morning looking west on Tuscarora Lake

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip Gunflint Trail

Crooked to Tarry Lake Portage

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

Campsite on Mora Lake

Boundary Waters Gunflint Trail Canoe Trip

Alpine Lake

Seagull Lake looking south

Seagull Lake looking south