Seagull Lake is a beautiful, island-studded lake, right on the edge of the BWCA.  Motor traffic is allowed on a small section of the lake to the east of Three Mile Island.  Once you paddle past that, you’ll feel deep in the wilderness. No portaging is needed at all if you don’t want to with this trip – making it a great option for kayakers. Several campsites on Seagull Lake have sand beaches, making this a favorite route for parents taking their toddlers on their first Boundary Waters adventure.

Paddle away from the landing, find a nice campsite and settle in for as long as you’d like.  Seagull is a great fishing lake with all four of the major sport species present. Find the Palisades on the north side and take the short hike up to the top of this 60+ foot cliff for a picnic with a view.  Day trip into Grandpa Lake for some fierce northern pike action.  Leave your canoe behind and hike the beautifully rugged Paulson (J.A.P) portage.  Paddle over to the Seagull River rapids.  Day trip over to Alpine Lake for more fishing and check out the rapids into Jasper Lake.  Hunt for brook trout (and bass) in Rog Lake.  If you visit in late July or early August, remember to pack some berry containers for the abundant blueberries and raspberries growing in the sections of the lake affected by the Cavity Lake and Ham Lake wildfires of 2006 and 2007. When you are ready to head home, just pack up and paddle back to the landing!

US Forest Service entry permit needed – #54 Seagull Lake or #54A Seagull Lake Only

Maps for this route –

  • Fisher Maps – F32
  • McKenzie Maps – 6

This trip starts from the Seagull Lake landing and requires no portaging.

Fishing on the Seagull Lake Base Camp Canoe Route

Lake Fish Species Maximum Depth Notes
Seagull Burbot, Lake Trout, Lake Whitefish, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye 145 ft  
Rog Brook Trout, Burbot, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye 40 ft Designated trout lake
Alpine Lake Trout, Lake Whitefish, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye 65 ft  
Paulson Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout 60 ft  

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Snapshots from this route

Seagull Lake Palisades BWCAW

Seagull Lake Palisades. Hike the trail to the top for a spectacular view!

BWCAWScene Seagull Lake Gunflint Trail canoe trip

View from Seagull Lake’s north shore.

Hidden Falls Seagull Lake Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

A hidden waterfall on Seagull Lake’s south shore

False Lily of the Valley Boundary Waters Wildflower

False Lily of the Valley blooming in a Seagull Lake campsite

Seagull Lake Gunflint Trail Boundary Waters canoe trip

Sunset on Seagull Lake’s south shore

Seagull Lake to Alpine Lake portage

Fishing in the Alpine River

Boundary Waters berry picking blueberries

As a wildfire recovery area, Seagull Lake’s south shore boasts the largest wild blueberries you’ll ever see.