And The Rains Came

Yesterday felt balmy; 40 something degrees, humid, smelled like spring, smelled like water. Shelby had been hankering for a thunderstorm. Just as they started their run, she got her wish.

The woods are very beautiful in their barren ugliness…and I’m eager to let the winter season go. The rains stir up spring deep down in the roots—I can just feel it.

Here’s one of the happy little green up pines planted during one of the last couple of Gunflint Green Up Wing Dings; you are invited to come join us to plant a few thousand more in May. Believe me, it’s really fun.

The Cross Bay landing is open for paddling. Looks like we can at least get to the portage if we want to. One of these days..

I believe the soggy little jack pines are happy to shed the snow so quickly this week.

Earl Falls is mostly camouflaged in the summer–but when there is this much water, if you’re listening, you can always hear it. Even over the sound of the thunderstorm.

We’re so completely surrounded by water around here–and I’m glad to see it starting to move again. Actually, it’s an honor to witness the transformation. Right on schedule.

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  1. JerryV says:

    That picture of the green up pines is a welcome change! Not that your winter pic wasn’t great, its just that I, like so many others are ready to see some spring up there.

    I’m not complaining. It is going to be 70 here in TN today.