Blueberry Blossoms

The other day Shelby and I visited our favorite blueberry spot, burned out by last year’s fire. I suspected they would come back, but not so many so soon! The absolute abundance is hard to believe.
It’s funny how blueberry patches inspire hoarding. Once, before I knew about Serious Picking Culture, my friend Ingrid took me to her hot spot in Chequamegon National Forest. (At the time I didn’t realize what a significant invitation that was). We drove into an area recently logged and could see people hunched over in different spots along the way. As we approached, they would disappear. We laughed as we watched them “hit the deck” so we wouldn’t discover their secret patches. Yet there was an entire forest of blueberries… we picked gallons.
The other day, as I drove from our secret spot, I was wondering about the incriminating photos—and Shelby warned me not to post them. I looked at the acres and acres of blueberry patches along the side roads of the upper Gunflint Trail—there will be no shortage this year! Still, we can’t tell you where we took the photos…