Grand Marais Halloween

We moved to the middle of the woods just when my kids were in elementary school–prime Halloween age. It was one of those things we considered seriously, along with the long bus ride, the cousins, Brueggers Bagels, the Hollydazzle parade… “is this worth giving up?” Funny how decisions are—because try as I might to weigh it all carefully, we can never know exactly what we’re getting either…who could have known?
It’s definitely a Grand Marais event, where the action is. The kids aren’t really prime Halloween age—but what I’m appreciating about this small town—it seems that they’re welcome to trick-or-treat until they’re done. They can ease out of it—it’s no big sea change, no age threshold. Wear a costume or not—no pressure. A whole bunch of them went out for the walk, but several of them didn’t collect candy. Or picked up a lollipop on the way, for the blustery walk where they recognize people left and right. Where the cop turns on the siren and speaker to say—“you there….do you want some candy?”
Some came back early for ping-pong. Anything goes. I like these kids. Lucky. Nice night.

I didn’t walk. I guess it’s time to admit, that when some of them are in highschool, they really don’t need me to walk along. So, we hung with the adults, and they’re OK too. Here’s Shelia, the Stimulus Package, who won the adult cleverness award in my book.

It wasn’t my house, but I did leap to the door often enough to pass out treats. My MOST favorite kids were the ones who—for the first time, were realizing that it’s a candy free-for-all. I figure comprehension hits about age 3. They get it, they get to keep it, it’s CANDY, it’s pure magic. I vaguely remember that feeling, but maybe it’s even more fun to witness—check out this little blond witch. Could she be any cuter?

This one little guy, couldn’t contain himself, because he got to CHOOSE his candy. All that were left when he arrived were the tootsie rolls. He had his two pieces but he kept standing there. He kept staring at the dish and having these little excitement tremors. I said “do you see another one you like?” He said—“Yes! With a little leap….I see a lellow one”….I said “Guess what? You can have that lellow one!” and then he did a big leap and looked at his dad and said “I CAN HAVE THE LELLOW one too!!!”
I’m a push over. He wasn’t my kid, I didn’t have to teach him limits or how to say thank you or anything like that. I was just going for the leap and delight about FREE CANDY. I found him a red tootsie roll too.

Here’s hoping you witnessed at least one Halloween 3 year old this year.