Gunflint Trail Magic Christmas Tree

If you drove up the Gunflint Trail this Christmas, a little beyond half way, near Birch Lake, all of a sudden you’d have seen a perfect Christmas tree, lit up in the middle of the woods.  It was as electric and out of place as a billboard, but it was also perfect.  Nobody in the car ever said “Turn those lights off, we’re in the middle of the woods”.  It was more like the moment when Clark Griswold found the perfect tree and the angels sang, or when the Grinch sees all the Whos in Whoville celebrating Christmas morning.   It was a ………Who got up so high to get the lights so symmetrical, and where is that electricity coming from here in the middle of  nowhere? mystery. 
You know, just plain Magic.

1 Response

  1. We never had a tree in our house when we lived on the trail–it was just so beautiful outside. I did always mean to put lights on an outside tree, though.