We’re feeling proud here at Tuscarora this week.
Daniel will travel down to Minneapolis to present a History Day Project at the State Competition on Sunday. He and his friend Alex progressed from the Regional Competition last month (with the video at the bottom of the page, and with the help of some community members). Hooray for Daniel and Alex!

Shelby was inducted into the National Honor Society on Monday night. Hooray for the 10th graders!

Andy and I have almost made it to spring, with a score of 193 according to the DNR “winter severity index”.

Apparently, index points are calculated by location. We receive a point for every day the temperature is below zero and another point for each day where the snow depth exceeds 15 inches. Sam Cook reports the numbers in the Duluth News Tribune:

The highest reading, 193, was at Poplar Lake along the Gunflint Trail. That was the only station that fell into the “severe winter” category, although Snowbank Lake near Ely was close at 177. Here are some other final readings: Grand Rapids, 98; International Falls, 150; Isabella, 159; Eveleth, 150; Cloquet, 112; Brimson, 149; Tower, 164.

Here’s how the DNR classifies winters based on the WSI:

Mild winter — WSI less than 100

Average winter — WSI of 120

Moderate winter — WSI 121-140

Moderately severe winter — WSI 141-180

Severe winter — WSI more than 180

So, technically, we won state up here!! Andy was still smiling this morning as he brushed off the car, with his score of 193. Hooray for the severe winter survivors!

(side note: the ice on Tuscarora Lake is still scheduled to go out on May 10th, at 4pm, when the wind picks up on that sunny afternoon)