Man on the Moon…40 years ago.

We really like it when we get notes from people with memories of their time at Tuscarora. They remind us that the history of the place is ever so much larger than us.

Thanks to Tim from Baltimore….

All this stuff about the moon landing 40 years ago today got me thinking. 40 years ago, I was 12 years old and my family was staying at Tuscarora. We went every year for two weeks.At the time the Marks owned Tuscarora. I had never seen a TV there which of course was never a problem. But when man landed on the moon, they strung a TV antenna in a tall white pine tree so that we could get Duluth TV.We all gather in the lodge and watched the show. The funny thing is the picture was not so good and I had thought it was because of our location. Turns out that was how it looked to everyone on earth. Thanks for your time. Read Tuscarora News all the time. Makes me remember my childhood. Love the pictures, everything looks just as I remember. Hope to come back someday.
Tim D
Baltimore MD

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