March—winter or spring???

It’s a great time of the winter—we still have plenty of snow, something about the angle of the sun and the length of the days make for perfect cheerful outside activities. But to be honest, we are more than ready for spring. Even though the days always warm up to near 20, we’ve been having some snappy nights. On the way to the bus stop on Friday the car thermometer read -29 degrees. Enough already! Daniel took the camera out looking for evidence of spring.

Andy looks forward to the first weekend in March because some corporate buddies come. Mike, Mark, and Trent are into repeating their Tuscarora traditions. First they work, this year cutting and burning a WHOLE LOT of brush. We all play broomball, where they spend a fair amount of time flat on their backs. Then to Trail Center, listening to Small Change, the local WTIP Friday night quiz show radio entertainment here (they even have a favorite team from Moose Loop ). They muse over the local flavors—Moose Drool beer, the consistency of their favorite waitress, Amanda. On Saturday—they all trek into Tuscarora to catch lake trout for Saturday night dinner in the back house….returning to the city and their families on Sunday. They’re very charming guys—and it’s sort of fun to see our world through their eyes—the Lake Wobegon-ness of our daily lives.