Memorial Weekend Memories

The woods were hopping this weekend! I couldn’t begin to capture every trip story that came through. The weather was lovely, the bugs were minimal, most everybody was smiling.

Ron and Krista traveled from Virginia for a canoe trip– Krista’s graduation present from her dad.

The word on lake trout: the fishing is really hot on the lakes that burned a few years back—I haven’t seen or heard of any research related to the Cavity Fire and fish productivity, but if I were to make a conjecture, based on this year……something about “the lake trout were absolutely goofy” might lead me.

We had activity in Tuscarora cabins as well…it seems as though we’re developing a traditional Memorial Weekend crowd.

Sweet little Daisy, the English Springer Spaniel just joined Stan and Sophie’s household a week ago. She’s spunky enough to keep up with Stan, the marathon runner. I’m sad to say you can’t see his 70-something legs, because then you could tell he is one fit guy.

My brother Mike and sister-in-law Diane headed into Edith on Sunday afternoon, with TallySue the cheerful powderpuff dog. (And, yes, she did get her middle name from me-and I try not to take it personally that they only use the middle name when she is in trouble). You can’t see that Mike is wearing Bog-walker boots, but he is now their greatest advocate. He trekked into Tuscarora Lake, solo, trout fishing on Saturday morning, and realized that in the spring, warm-when-wet feet are not a luxury, but a necessity.

If you ask them, these boys were “pulling them in all weekend.” My godson/nephew Joe, took a breather on the dock before he went back home to the daily grind of school work, hockey, soccer, and especially “managing the LAdies.”

About 15 minutes ago, Megan and Kaylee were little girls with dance recitals. And now, Megan is finishing dental school and Kaylee is working in advertising. How? When???
We like Mike and Brandon a lot. They look like big tough guys, but they both picked Hannah Montana for the Name Game. Independently. What are the odds of that? Same round.

Les and Pauline from Iowa, did the entire Brant-Gillis-Tuscarora-Missing Link loop on Sunday. That’s a 3-5 day trip. But for them, a daytrip. Because they’re tough Old Farts (OF). Pauline says she has many degrees, MA, MD, OF. Yep, she’s a physician, a grandma, and a powerful sterns-woman. Also wife to Les—who randomly shows up on his motorcycle during the summer. Just so he and Andy can figure out what kind of motorcycle he should get, and discuss whether or not God really exists. Two most crucial questions.

Alan (center) has been coming to Tuscarora FOREVER. This time he brought his brother Jerry, and his brother-in-law Nate (who also knows the place quite well). You can see that they caught their Memorial Day breakfast.

And…5 dogs joined Denali for the weekend too. When the beach cleared out of people, the dogs took over. Denali looks like the rest of us feel on this cloudy day-after Memorial Day. It was a good one!