Morning Moon by Dell Boccignone

July 19th—Cabin 6 Journal entry…
Awakened at 5:20am and was greeted by a view from the kitchen window that was breathtaking. The full moon was centered between the pine and the birch trees. The lake was calm so the reflection that the moon cast appeared with a slight shimmer.
There was a hint of blue in the sky that melded from gold to hints of pink just above the distant tree line. A faint mist at the far side separated the reverse reflection of the sky scene upon the mirror-like surface of the lake.
Simply spectacular! Of course many photos were taken from both inside of Cabin 6 and outside.
We experienced some rough weather these past 7 days, but this one short clip that was witnessed this morning of our departure is what I will most remember.
Dell Boccignone (with Judy) Santa Clara, California.