No School

Life has been spinning at a hectic pace for us around here. Usually, it’s different for us because we live at the end of the road. We’re busy enough taking care of winter cabin guests, and planning for next summer season. Last month was busier. Daniel had a couple of hockey tournaments, Shelby had some cross country ski races, Andy went to the Chicago Sports Show, I have been teaching a semester math course in Grand Portage….

So when we had nasty weather last week, first Monday night freezing rain turned the Gunflint Trail into a skating rink, then Tuesday night bitter cold blizzard conditions gave the kids two unexpected days off of school. What a pleasure to just hang out.

The truth for the kids is, when the spinning stops, it takes a while for them to catch their breath and figure out what to do. I think extended empty time is great for the creative ideas.

Then there is time to notice the small things.

Then there is time to invent ways to use the frozen lake. They rigged up a tarp as a sail, and used the spark as a glider— celebrating the cold wind. These are sparkle days.