Last week we hit the jackpot. We felt like we just stole the best BWCA weekend of 2010 for ourselves.
It was ridiculously the most beautiful weather. We would like to reserve it next year for you…….I know it was October, I don’t know what got into the Mother Nature, but the wind completely disappeared, and the sun was warm—quiet and crisp, bug free, wow.

I don’t recall that I’ve ever seen South Arm Knife this calm. Eerie. Fleeting. We savored it. We even swam. It must have been 80 degrees at that point. (that would be the air, not the water…….)

My sainted parents facilitated the busy Homecoming shuffle so that we could go. Staffer Rachel helped them hold down the resort……
Kelly and Jeff came with us for Saturday, to enjoy the sun and make us laugh.

Bass season is closed, so we figured we’d just catch and release these big guys with the camera. I know it’s hard to see them, but they were everywhere in that particular bay.—

We traveled along the border–many decades after the Voyageurs but that’s OK, Andy knows where to look to find their traces. Here we found an Oak Grove. Oak is not native to the BWCA, but he says the French planted them, because they were lonely for their own species. I get that, the dead leaves’ smell brought me back to Minnehaha Falls for a few minutes.

The weather is still holding for a few more people to trickle in. If you can drop everything and come here tomorrow—I’d say go for it! It’s a great place to wake up in the morning….