Round Lake is open!

Round Lake is open!  Yesterday the lake shook loose the last of it’s ice.  Our first guest of the season, Paul, went out for a short trip on Monday.  On his way over to Missing Link Lake he had to paddle the perimeter of the lake, working his way slowly around the ice in the middle.  This morning he paddled out free and clear across the middle!  Paul reports that Missing Link is open as well.  He scouted the portaged into Tuscarora and reports that the first bay is ice free and the from what he could see of the rest of the lake, the ice is dark and ready to go soon.  It’s safe to assume that the small and medium lakes in the area are ice free and ready for a paddle!


Round Lake this morning


Paul heading off around the ice on Monday

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3 Responses

  1. randy says:

    A few weeks earlier than last year

  2. Kevin Klucas says:

    We’re looking forward to our visit during the first week of June.