Know what happens when we live in the woods and our kids like sports? Same thing that happens to parents everywhere….we drive around and watch sporting events…we meet the bus late at night….we wash a lot of sweaty clothes.

Only I’m betting we drive just a little bit more.

Shelby and Daniel both run, so this fall we spent much time with the cross country team. You can’t tell me that kids don’t know how to work these days—I continued to be impressed by the stampedes of runners on golf courses and through woods–digging deep, entering what they call “the pain cave,” setting goals, cheering each other on.

Last weekend, the girls team (and one very speedy Kieran) competed in the State Tournament.

A whole pack of Cook County/Two Harbors kids and parents trekked down to the cities–and then on Saturday to St. Olaf College for the State Meet.

It was 75 and sunny–perfect for spectating. .
My nephew Tommy showed us his dormroom, and he was looking very happy, connected relaxed. The fancy cafeteria, the climbing wall, the pick-up ultimate frisbee game in the commons, the cozy coffeshop where students and profs were having academic discussions. I get it, they could have recruited me. I’m still hooked.

The Cook County/Two Harbors kids ran their hearts out, they didn’t win the meet, but I was proud of them for making it there.

As we walked past the dorms I once lived in, back to the car that was parked not far from the former trailer court where my newlywed parents once lived , I felt a strange sense of the circle of life. My kids were picturing college lives for themselves, and I’m hoping they consider many options, but…it is so lovely and familiar, I’m afraid it might snare one or both of them.

In the meantime, we sure had a great weekend.

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  1. Karin Rorem Anderson says:

    I was there to witness the same great day….the kind of day that brings a smile long afterwards. We had friends running, and neices on campus swimming at their college swim meet. Um ya ya. Would have made the day that much better if I had run into you and yours.

  2. Karin Rorem! Rats~ How did we miss you? Thanks for the note anyway. Nice running into you here…