Shades of Red and Yellow, Orange and Green

I’m pretty content with the (approximately) 759 shades of green that we get to live with and observe during the spring and summer around here—especially on the bright blue days.

Then come these fleeting fall days, as chlorophyll leaves the leaves, and we get the splendid outburst of color. I’ve had decades of autumns in my life, so why is it still so surprising? The last few days have been absolutley lovely. Great for canoe trips, hiking, working, driving, just living.

Something about the peak of fall colors makes me anxious. The colors are stunning for such a short slice. I wonder why can’t I just enjoy and appreciate it, live in the moment? Instead, I ache to hang on, take a picture, save some perfect leaves, because everyone I know should see it RIGHT NOW—because if we have a windy storm tomorrow, or next week, it might be gone. Mother nature only shares her florescent finery for a brief minute—you either catch it or you don’t. Maybe she is too modest to show her colors for long, and then we’re back to the subtle humble majesty that is so calm and peaceful in any season.
Wouldn’t it be fun to do the fall color tour…to start in Canada and just follow the changing of the leaves for weeks, until it is done. When and where is it done? Late October in Missouri? I don’t even know. Sounds a little tense to me, trying to follow the peaks. Instead, I’ll join our guests and be grateful that I’m here today—it’s another golden one!