Shaky return

The moose pond continues to green up. (Blackened photo from May 9th, green photo from May 18th) . I continue to hear that the mopping up crews are holding the lines, and all is going well on the fire.

I returned to Tuscarora today, after several days sleeping in town. The quiet solo drive left me contemplating the past 2 weeks. I remembered driving over this hill (below) in the dark on Sunday evening May 6th. The entire horizon that now looks so blue was red, and it felt as though the entire upper end of the Gunflint Trail was burning (only parts of it did). I could hear the Grand Marais fire department on the portable radio, fighting for homes and cabins. The memories shook me up all over again.

I looked over at Denali, who was so eager to get home,

and I looked at the new growth in the burned areas. I wish I could share a slice of this north-woods peace with all people encountering shaky moments today.

P.S. For all Tuscarora customers with “displaced” vacation plans due to this fire: of course we will return your deposits in full. Thank you to all of you who have been too polite to ask

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