Shy Spring

2014.04.21 001

Tow dock on Sag

I’ve been wanting to post something spring-like for a while to give everyone hope and fresh dreams of canoe trips.  Unfortunately, the weather has not been conducive to such pictures.  Spring is coming, I’ve been told, but she is just not very photogenic yet.  Every time I think Spring is popping her shy little head from behind winter’s cloak, BAM, it snows again.  There are signs, yes, but you have to look and listen a little closer.

2014.04.20 043

Round Lake this morning

The question on everyone’s mind is – when will the ice be out?  I’m hearing reports around the county of ice depths in the 20 – 30 inch range depending on the size of the lake.  Round Lake no longer has a snow blanket and the slush is deep and dark.  Last week was in the 20 degree range which did not help, but this week is suppose to be in the high 50s.  A lot of predictions are flying around, but really, it all depends on the combination of the sun and the rain and the wind— today is sunny, windy and 59 so I have hope for sooner rather than later.

 2014.04.20 033

The Cross River that runs along Round Lake road is running rapidly.  Where the current is strongest, the water is open.  Yesterday we spotted a male common goldeneye duck doing his funny little dance for his lady friend.  The pileated woodpeckers that hang out around camp have been busy drumming and excavating cavities for new nests.  Their piles of wood splinters litter the nasty old snow piles hanging around in the shade.  A pair of ravens are working on a nest in one of our large white pines.   A number of bald eagles have been spotted soaring high above.  Easter morning we heard robins, happy little nuthatches, bald eagles, a Canada goose and all sorts of cheery chickadees singing their spring songs.  It was nice enough to have the windows open through which we heard a pack of wolves who we hope were not perusing the Easter bunny.

2014.04.20 028

The snow is melting.  Ephemeral waterfalls and creeks are springing up along the roads.  That beautiful music made by dripping water can be heard as it jumps off the roofs.  The beaver pond by the road, filled to the brim, gave up last weekend and washed away part of the road.  A deep, tire grabbing trench cut us off from the world for a day.  A sure sign of spring is when the potholes and road washes start turning up.  The Cook County highway department guys straightened things out in no time.

2014.04.11 010

The wind has been strong with all these snow squalls roaring through.  Saturday’s storm was strong enough to finally blow over the large white pine struck by lightening last summer.  Once again the Cook County guys came out and cleared the road.  Thanks guys!

2014.04.20 012

Spring is coming, slowly and shyly, but she is coming.  Hang in there.  We’ll let you know when you can dip your paddles again in Round Lake!

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4 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    It is wonderful to hear the news from the north. You write very well. Hang in there spring is bound to come sometime.

  2. Jamie says:

    The loons are hanging tight in Madison while they wait for spring up north. I saw plenty last weekend on a paddle of Lake Monona. You’ll hear them soon!