Staff Notes

My plan was to introduce our summer staff early in the summer. Wouldn’t that have been smart? Now, zip………’s the middle of August, and they’re starting to leave. It’s really hard to see them go. And instead of introducing them to you, I find myself wanting to list the reasons that they are wonderful. You would be grateful too—if you could see the things that I see—when they don’t think that I’m looking. The quiet little touches are what get me. The way the anchor ropes are coiled, or the sheets are folded, the way they save a plate of food when Andy’s working late, or invite Daniel to go on a fishing trip. These are just the kind of people who are great examples, in their character and uniqueness, to help usher our children into adulthood

Kate went to Italy early this month. We miss her attention to details…she is aware whether she’s organizing the store,or passing the cream cheese before I can even ask. Kate always has a plan in place–and next, I believe she’ll be planning sustainable cities.

Weren’t we lucky that Jen came back this year? Sadly, one poor deer wasn’t so fortunate. Jen is the queen of blueberry picking, and she was especially adept during a little power-line crises in May when she helped moved all of the cars (stick shifts included) to safer ground. I sure do like her attitude.

I’ve worked all year to get Paul to say you guys instead of y’all. I like to think he’s half Louisianan, half Minnesotan—but….I think he doesn’t realize that yet. It’s OK, because I’m persistent. White t-shirt, quick dry pants, and coffee. These were the elements of Paul’s Tuscarora uniform.

Whew! Maggie Mae definitely gets it all done. And she is also a Gunflint Trail people magnet, sometimes we even sell extra glow-in-the-dark Nalgenes, just on the chance that Maggie will be the one selling. Which can be good for sales when you think about it.

Cassandra Garbarino, potter, coffee shop manager, Tuscarora crew cook extraordinaire, and overall part of our family, with wise, young adult insight into emerging teenagers. She’s been here 6 years, that’s half of Daniel’s age. We don’t actually need a nanny position anymore, but we’ll always need Cass.

Zach….Z….Daniel summed him up—“I really like Zach, he’s so……………….himself…., and completely cool with that”. Zach is staying into the fall this year. He’s skilled at steadily scrubbing while pointing out the quirky humorous details of situations.

Mike made a yurt this year. It’s swanky! I like to think of it as Mikes Mancave. Someday he may even sell Tombstone Pizza’s from it. He’s as resourceful as Sam Gribley. Mike has been a summer resident of the Gunflint Trail for many years—, this year we’re lucky to have him here.

Lindsay can cook. She is the master of gourmet camping food, which is why she’s been the master food-packer for 3 years now. She actually has a BWCA reputation—li’l cow-doc. She packs everything with such care, she has even called on her day off because she woke up in the night worried about somebody’s filet knife. For the crew she grills pizza dough, and makes jam. She’s really something

Kelley’s roller-derby nickname is –Poison Berry Pie, and you can believe it because she makes really good pies, and I think she is TOUGH in that sport. Around here she’s a quiet presence, working in the background gently checking on me, happy to drive the kids to town, cook, whatever we need. Kelley’s dad worked for Tuscarora 30 some years ago, so we new she’d be a good one–and we were right!

Dave reads the big huge non-fiction books. Honestly, it’s very impressive. He’s a cheerful and conscientious worker, who notices the little stuff, and then takes care of it. Did I mention that he’s always pretty cheerful about all that? Always.

Abbie just got here about an hour ago, so I have no photo yet. However, she has exactly her mother’s voice. Although she came here to pitch in for the fall season and hang with her good friend Zach, it’s just a coincidence that her mother was the presiding minister and our wedding. I think that’s a good omen, don’t you?

They come, they share their entire lives with us for awhile. They’re over-qualified, smart, generous, and they work really hard –they are Tuscarora. We love them for all that.