The Miracle of an Ordinary Morning

My eyes popped open before 5am this morning, and Denali and I set out to paddle into the moon-set.

It was so incredibly lovely it made my heart feel like it was cracking open.

I can’t imagine there was anyplace on earth more beautiful than this spot. How is it that we were lucky enough to witness it?

Denali was so alert and still, it made me wonder if she could also appreciate the the beautiful scene, or was she just really looking for something to eat or chase like she usually does?I wish I could have recorded the loons calls, surely they could appreciate the way their own songs echoed.

I can’t express how grateful I am for the honor of witnessing this morning.

When the sun came up my heart spilled over. I know it rises every day, but it still made me cry.

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  1. Nordic Girl says:

    Beautiful Pictures! Wish I was there right now!