Too Tired To Start A Fire

Our friend Jerry Vandiver wrote a little Valentines ditty and dedicated it to the Boundary Waters Sweethearts. Not sure if this is how it works for you–out in the woods….

But we sure get a kick out of Jerry, his songs, his sparkle.

I recognize plenty of Boundary Waters mavens in the photos from the slideshow–people from the club. If you haven’t discovered them, they’re part of  a fun little community that connects with each other about all things Boundary Waters.

Check out Jerry’s new paddling CD too—you can bet we’ll have them at the Tuscarora Trading Post this summer!

1 Response

  1. Jerry says:

    Thanks Andy and Sue – you guys are the best. Gracie and I hope to be up your way to celebrate our 7th anniversary this September.

    Time to go “start a fire”. 🙂