Today we signed the closing papers. This summer, we’re passing the Tuscarora baton. Andy and Ada (the new owners) are such a seamless match that sometimes it seems as though we’ve been holding Tuscarora for them until they were ready to take it on. As I wandered around the outfitting building last night I realized the photos of all of our people here mark some of the best memories of our lives. It’s time, I know that, yet my heart is full to the brim, and it feels like there isn’t enough room in there.

Here’s a snapshot.–Shelby and Daniel jumping rope with some of our beloved staff members.   Don’t all parents have hundreds of these moments? So many times in my life I cling to the same feeling I had right then… “I love them, I love this, I would like it to stay like this forever”.Jumproping

Aren’t we the lucky ones? We got to be here, we got to DO this.

Well, things change, and that’s good news too.  Shelby and Daniel are on staff this summer, and if you look closely you might find Andy and me—behind the scenes, doing our best to make the transition smooth and also step away as they succeed–in the office, in the plumbing. All the while, Andy and Ada have been competent and gracious. You’ll see, why they’re perfect for this.


We’re so very grateful. Keep in touch—we’ll see you in the woods!!

–Sue and Andy, Shelby and DanielAhrendts

8 Responses

  1. Louise Feske says:

    Thanks Sue for everything, for the good times we have had there also. We will miss you in the woods but hope to see you in August when we come up. And take care of yourselves and that special young man working up there this summer. I love all of you. Louise

    • Sue Ahrendt says:

      Yeah, that Mitch is taking care of us. It’s a little alarming (in a good way) to see little glimpses of Chuck and Carl in his expressions once in awhile. Last night I was working in the porch of Cabin 2 when he and Shelby and Dan hiked by on their way to go swimming at Pirate’s Cove, and I was really really glad that they were getting a chance to be friends this summer. What a great kid!

  2. Sally Nankivell says:

    Congratulations, Ahrendts!! Bittersweet, for sure. I’m sad to see you go, of course, but know it’s time. What wonderful news that Ada and Andy are the new owners. Tuscarora is in very good hands, indeed! Thank you for so many wonderful memories out of Tuscarora. You will be missed.

  3. Peter Judi Barsness says:

    So happy for you All. The Ahrendt Family will always be a part of the history of Tuscarora and the GunFlint Trail. Hugs and love Peter and Judi Barsness

  4. Kari Kennedy says:

    Sniff. Sniff. We wish you all the best. Tuscarora holds such a special place in our hearts. It’s where we returned to the woods after too long a hiatus when our kids were young. And we continue to be drawn back there time and time again. We have so many wonderful memories from year round cabin getaways and from canoe trips that began at your dock. I hope that we will meet again soon! We look forward to meeting Andy and Ada down the road. Sad to say that we aren’t likely to make it to Jerry’s concert this year and our canoe adventures are taking us someplace new this summer as well. Good luck in all of your new life adventures!

  5. ksunderman says:

    Rock on, Ahrendt family. Sue, does this mean you’ll camp with me sometime? Thank you for your warm & generous hospitality and for inspiring so many people to explore and love this wild world. Best wishes in every new beginning!