Tuscarora Summer by staffer Caleb

 Up until this year I had never experienced the beauty and wonders of the true great outdoors. I left home from Indiana curious and exploding with excitement for what my summer was going to include, could it be a big mistake or the experience of a life time?
 I soon found the answer to this driving question in my mind as I soon began work at Tuscarora. My new-found deeper love of the outdoors overcame any homesickness I might have and proved that this will be the greatest summer of my life.
I am truly happy with the life here at Tuscarora, as I cannot imagine working for any other outfitter now that I have spent nearly a month here. The staff here at Tuscarora is a very well equipped team willing and ready to overcome any obstacles to improve our clients visit, I could not ask for better people to work with.  The sheer amazing atmosphere found here is well worth the visit to our clients. Once you have witnessed the whisper of the pines, the splash of a fish, and the relaxation of an evening paddle you will be hooked, like me, on the BWCA.
I also came to the trail to experience the world class fishing that is available in the abundance of lakes and rivers that are the BWCA. Since I have arrived the Smallmouth have left the beds and the top-water bite is on as I have experienced the thrill with my fly rod. Round Lake is filled with Smallmouth, Perch, Northerns, and  Walleye. The normal jig and leech have proven to be the best go to bait if all else fails. Tuscarora is truly the place to be this summer so we hope to see you  very soon!