Welcome Winter

We woke to a cold blue Saturday morning. Denali and I went out early, the sun was extra vivid, reflecting on the snow— calm and bright, stunning actually. I’ve been waiting for days like this.

Andy took Daniel to a hockey tournament this weekend. We’re a tag team with our hockey goalie–who is happiest when he’s on the ice.

Shelby had some friends over last night. After making Christmas truffles, they spent the evening creating a mini horror movie. The thing is, none of them have ever even seen The Shining.

But they filmed a scene in the snow at the phone booth, and….it was so quiet here in the dark coldness, and… it’s funny to see how similar the horror ideas are—ones that a winter resort inspires —-yikes!

Most of the wintery woods photos are courtesy of Sheryl, a neighborhood friend who came for a snowy walk this afternoon. Really nice.