Windy Day

It’s hard for me to be optomistic after what I’ve seen today. I just helped our good friends Dave and Nancy Seaton evacuate Hungry Jack Outfitters….they have sprinklers that work.

It was such a windy day. When we pulled out, Andy was still shuttling hot shot crews across Round Lake. Tuscarora is a bustling little city with 60+ fire fighters….seems to be fairly secure with all the black on the outskirts of the property. At least for the moment…

As far as I know everybody is safe. Andy called about 10 mintues ago, power is out, phones will probably go out as well. Huge plumes over Poplar Lake….
Please pray for the safety of the folks that are still up there.

3 Responses

  1. steveegg says:

    That is definitely not good news. Prayers continuing.

    I’ll pass the message along to Oly in the morning.

  2. Sue, thanks for keeping this blog up during such a difficult time. I wonder how you all are, and this is a way to at least know something, keeping you and all your friends in my prayers. give the kids a hug from me……….

  3. Kimberly Kay says:

    I want to thank you for your blog during this fire. My husband is one of the wildland firefighters staying in your lodge…and since there is little time or method to talk to him, I am reading this blog to keep connected/informed. You and everyone in the BWCA are in my thoughts/prayers.