Wolf Bait

Shelby was driving us up the Gunflint Trail Tuesday night when she had to pull over and wait for a mother moose herd two little guys across the road. We chatted about how difficult it can be for one mother to protect twins–or other multiples against wolves….I’ve heard some people call the 2nd calf “wolf bait.”

Then on Wednesday morning, Peter, (staffer from Hungry Jack outfitters) stopped by in his funky painted car. He had just paddled out of Brant Lake, and he shared his photos and story with us (all photos credited to Peter.)

He was really surprised to see a mother and two calves swim from the point right in front of him, to another shoreline on Brant Lake.

He took some photos of them, before he looked back at the point, wondering why they had left so abruptly.

He found another subject for his photos. Yikes! Thanks Peter.
As far as he could tell, the calves got away safely…………this time. Beautiful animals, all of them, just trying to make a living like everybody else.