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  1. Michael R says:

    To all those within the nightmare…Prayerfully and courageously continue to defend the beautiful, the peaceful, and the sublime wilderness along with all the communities therein.

    Amidst the chaos and delirium of an exhausting situation, along with the wavering and resilience of the fire’s perogitive–seek to perceive faith’s blessings bestowed in God’s ultimate assurance that we shall all triumph over sorrow, misery, and weakness–whatever rages to tear us apart. May the Lord think, feel, move, and be with you. Let the Holy Spirit’s grace be your strength, support, peace, and love.

    So then, visualize a greater fate, and a supernatural reason–beyond doubt, anger, and fright, that all works for the best. Though words alone are weak, your perception and belief here will eventually reveal a greater understanding into Truth’s greatest reality. All is as it should divinely be…

    You’re all heroes…and we believe in you!

  2. The documentation that you’re doing of this tragedy is truly amazing. Thank you so much for allowing those of us who care yet are hundreds or even thousands of miles away to stay better connected to you.