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  1. Teresa says:

    Thank you for the “good news”! Any news on the Gunflint Lodge?! We are a group from Appleton, WI that comes up annually and are heartbroken over what has been lost thus far. Sending MANY prayers & thoughts your way for a quick control of this thing and avoidance of future structure loss. Thankfully no lives have been lost and no major injuries. We also feel for the critters. Thank you for the updates for those of us anxiously watching from afar.

  2. Great news for you folks….any word about Seagull Outfitters? My son is out there working this summer – last we heard they were heading out Thursday to feed firemen….
    Eau Claire, Wisconsin is covered in a smokey haze this morning from the fires!!!
    Sue Anderson

  3. Phil says:

    Andy,Sue.Ryan and I put in at Round Lake manys years ago and remember the great location and marveled at Gods handy-work. Our prayers are for you the safey of your family,the fire fighters and all your friends effected by the fire. God keep you strong! Phil & Lil

  4. Chris says:

    any word on Iron Lake cabins? We have one on the end near the campground. thanks- Chris

  5. lfry says:

    From the Madison Fry Family – Glad to hear all of you are safe. We are hoping that the fire is contained soon and that life can return to normal for you as soon as possible. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help.

  6. Don says:

    Andy,Sue and family, So glad to hear that Tuscarora is still ok. Lori said she was headed up to help, as well as other family members. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    We have friends with a cabin on Loon Lake, Robin and Bub Nicholson, if you run into them, give them our best wishes.
    Your resort business will return, because you do such a great job…!!
    We are passing info to Mike (remember Mike – worked for you a few years ago?) out in Colorado via email.
    Peggy & Don Weber

  7. Tom Rumish says:

    At the meeting this morning in Grand Marais, the Cook County Sheriff lifted the Mandatory Evacution north of the Poplar Lake fire hall. That road block has been moved north to County Road 58, at the north end of Poplar Lake.

    The Advisory Evacution from Swamper Lake to the Poplar Lake fire hall was also lifted.

    For a streaming broadcast, which will give you a lot of “current” information follow the link to the WTIP radio station website


    9 structures have been lost on the Canadian side of Gunflint Lake. There are also Mandatory and Advisory Evacuation along the border in Canada.

  8. Tom Rumish says:

    The meeting referred to in my previous post was at 11:00 am on Saturday, May 12th.

  9. Terry Brickman and Family

    We are praying that your family is safe. I know Andy and Sue will be doing everything they can for their neighbours and Tuscarora Lodge.

    We hope to see you in mid June to enjoy the wonders of the boundary Waters.

  10. CJ says:

    Response to quiltparalegal:
    I read in a cook county newspaper that Seagull lost Sag cabins. It was an interview with Debbie. I believe her main Seagull Lake stuff was salvaged with the help of sprinklers. I, too, have worked a few summers for Debbie. In August, 2000, my husband and I married at the High Cliffs of Gunflint Lake and took a honeymoon canoe ride at Seagull outfitters – with our wedding attire on and Debbie’s older dog, Mocha. I wish everyone on the Gunflint my very best. The more memories one has, the more tears one sheds!!!!!