Eerie Red Glow

The wind blows on. The eerie red glow over the end of the Gunflint Trail last night at 11pm has now moved to the north. As far as I’ve heard, all of the people are still safe. We need rain. We need calm. We are extemely grateful for the volunteer fire departments that have been working in the area. They have evacuated the entire upper Gunflint Trail. Please pray for the safety of these courageous men and women. It was an inferno out there last night.
As of 11pm, Tuscarora was still OK. They managed to quell some flare ups that occurred yesterday….the embers are still hot and sparkly. Nothing about this fire is contained.
We feel incredibly sad.

5 Responses

  1. Sandy Skrien says:

    I’m thinking of all of you at the end of the trail. I’m praying for rain, safety of people and the protection of all the resorts, buildings, home and the trail in general.
    Sandy Skrien

  2. atchapman says:

    Hope you are all safe now at Tuscarora. Is there any word on the folks/resorts to your North? Specifically about Mike Berg’s Seagull Creek Fishing Camp and the folks at Seagull Outfitters.
    Has the wind dies down today? Changed direction?
    Our prayers are with you all.

  3. Cindy says:

    Concerned about our friend Ron Berg – any news?

  4. My son is working for Seagull Outfitters and is safe and staying at a hotel at the moment. No idea about the buildings yets.

  5. fewer6692 says:

    Did Shelby write that summary? It made me think of her and wish I were there to lend a hand!
    Thinking of you and wishing the best,