The wind keeps blowing…

The Ham Lake fire burns…..For current coverage of the Ham Lake fire please visit : or

As of 11:00 am today, the end of the Gunflint Trail (beyond Tuscarora) was put under a mandatory evacuation. The humidity is so low, the wind is so high—they are not sure what this fire is going to do, but know that it could possibly threaten the south shore of Seagull, and the end of the Gunflint Trail.

The fire crossed the Gunflint Trail in the vicinity of the Seagull Guard Station. It is moving north.
I’ve learned not to make predictions—-but will keep you posted.

Phone lines are out—we’re working on them, but having trouble getting messages forwarded as well. Please feel free to email— with any communication. I’ll try to check it every 4 hours or so…

Tuscarora looks good—smoke has cleared, all is well. The hills beyond the mailbox are burning.

All of the permits for Cross Bay, Missing Link, Brant Lake, and Seagull and Saganaga are closed as of today. We are glad to make other arrangements—and are well able to get you into the woods. Please email us for a back up plan. We will also let you know as the fire moves on, and as they begin to open these closures (as of right now, none of these lakes has been burned).

Please send all of your positive energies and prayers to our neighbors at the end of the Gunflint Trail. So far, everyone is safe. The embers around Tuscarora are cooling, the sprinklers have turned the oasis green, the shores of Round Lake are untouched. We hope the same for our generous neighbors.