Fishing Opener

Daniel was so funny this week. Approaching fishing opener was like approaching Christmas. Every night a dinner the “high point” of the day was that we were getting a little closer to Saturday. His friends Lars and Jammer came to do the fishing opener sleepover on Friday night, and Shelby and I left them to get to sleep before 9pm…they set their alarms for 5am.

We’ve had some gorgeous weather this week–and sent some early fishermen out to scout out the camping spots on Long Island, Cross Bay, Gillis, and Tuscarora. They were delighted that the parking lots were empty, it seems a little quiet out there. A couple of them were planning to fly fish for the lake trout again this season.However, this snowy morning, Zack Kotnik and his friends were lingering over their coffee a little longer…bundled in parkas.

Yet, a little snow didn’t discourage our three 12 year olds. They were out at 6am, in the back door of the dining hall kitchin for french toast at 7:30, and heading back out to catch lunch.
The 2009 angling season has begun!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the pics and the storyline, Sue. Thanks. Tim