Aren’t we lucky?

Our neighbors, our competitiors—Hungry Jack Outfitters, Gunflint Lodge, Voaygeur Outfitters, Seagull Outfitters, Gunflint Pines, Loon Lake Lodge, East Bay Suites—these folks go out of their way to make sure that Tuscarora survives.

  • The volunteer fire departments—-(the slogan “support your local volunteer fire department” takes on a whole new meaning) are also our neighbors, coaches, community members. They have walked through fire for us here. (note that this picture was taken on Sunday night at the end of the Gunflint Trail)
  • Our guests and staff members— all Gunflint Trail guests—aren’t just looking for a good time, but have found a home in the BWCA and Quetico. They’re loyal stewards as well.

  • We are even grateful for fires in the Wilderness. They refresh, they cleanse. We see what new growth a fire in July can incite by September. We’ve been through the Cavity Lake Fire footprint. We now realize that an outline on paper doesn’t mean that the area is black. (Ashy pictures are newsy and compelling, but the actual experience is that of a mosaic).
    Most campsites are still lovely, views still stunning.

  • Fires don’t burn lakes. Still, there are calm waters, big skies, ecosystems always changing.

We are blessed with incredible community support for our family far and near–nothing like a crisis to drive that home!

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  1. Cassandra L says:

    Sue, Andy, Shelb, Dan, Sheldon, and Jane.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers as I can not be in the north woods with you. We are lucky, so far. I have been blessed with all of you, your welcoming attitude, and gracious warmth reminds me that eveything will turn out well as long as i put my heart into it. I truly miss you all, and wish I could be there in this time of need. I will see you in July, with a heavy heart, but happy soul. As long as the lakes are there, the BWCA experience will never die.

    Love Always,