For the Beauty of the Earth

We had such a gorgeous weekend and watched so many people paddle happily away, the kids and I decided to take our turn.

The weather held so we headed into Ham Lake on Monday afternoon—for a little hiatus. Perfect.

I woke early Tuesday morning because the birds were singing like maniacs. I lounged while the kids slept (partly because they still look like toddlers when they’re sleeping), then I started observing the multitudes of mosquitoes waiting on the screen of the tent. So many, packed so tightly that their wings were interfering with each other. We have such long winters here, and the world is so very cold and apparently dead under all that iciness. The birds—the mosquitoes—all the spring babies….re-remind me what a miracle it is that life returns anew, and that we get to tap into that.

When I was a kid I sang in choirs (years of memorizing sacred music). All those lyrics are stuck in my brain, which is lucky for me when the words match the current events of the day. Sometimes my children think it is unlucky when I’m humming the same song all day long. But this trip—it was a perfect fit.

For the beauty of the earth,

for the glory of the skies,

for the love which from our birth

over and around us lies……………..

For the beauty of each hour

of the day and of the night,

hill and vale, and tree and flower,

sun and moon, and stars of light……..;

For the joy of human love,

brother, sister, parent, child,

friends on earth and friends above,

for all gentle thoughts and mild;

Lord of all, to thee we raise

this our joyful hymn of praise.