Four Nights on Saganagons…by Fred Hulting

Andy and Sue –
I visited you this past week with John Dryer – you gave us gear and a tow for our trip up to Saganagons for four nights…
Thank you again for the great service – the gear worked well, and we had wonderful attention from our tow-boat driver Stefan and pick-up person Andy.

Attached are a couple of pictures of John with fish: a 21 inch Lake trout he caught, and a couple of Bass (one form each of us) that were caught during our day trek into Moose Bay Lake. You also find a sunset shot over Saganagons (yes, we did see some sun!).
We picked an interesting four days for the trip – our first night (Thursday) coincided with the heavy rain – we then watched the lake rise 3-4 inches the next day. The extremely high water made everything look very different than in past years. On Friday we had to deal with the heavy winds that stranded us for awhile (and put out tent in the lake!). Saturday was beautiful, but the black flies arrived, creating different challenges.
Something new for me was the chance to experience some of the wonders of spring in the animal world, including seeing an extended mating display by two loons (who even let us catch them in the “act”), and getting chased away by beavers protecting pups in their houses on two different bays.
In the end we had a wonderful trip with many good memories…hard to come home…
Hope your summer is a good one – see you again soon!Fred

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  1. Fred Hulting says:

    An addendum: John notes (correctly) that the Lake trout was really 24 inches. It was caught, phtographed and released. We of course did the same with the larger bass, in order to – as John puts it – “let Darwinism work its magic.”