Grand Marais Rains

Cook County Emergency and Road Crews have had a busy Friday…along with lots of people with lots of flooded basements. This would be the Coop Parking Lot in down town Grand Marais. (photo:

Allow some extra time if you are traveling to Tuscarora, in some places Hwy 61 and the Gunflint Trail are single lane only.

Here at Tuscarora, we just had another rainy day.

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  1. oh my, I had heard that Grand Marais had had rain but the photo of the Co-op parking lot puts it all in perspective. Maybe this will mean less likelyhood of wild fire danger this summer. We have had endless days of gray and rain. This morning the air is light and fresh. The oriole and cardinal are singing loudly and I have two rubarb pies in the oven, so life is good. We send you all our greetings, hugs to your crew. XoXo Debra