Gnomes and Fairies at Tuscarora, by our friend Lily

OK, well last year I realized that there was a fairy house here at Tuscarora. The fairy house is down by the dock by the Lodge. It is a cut down log with lots of holes—with a rectangle that’s the door and there are four windows. I can’t see them (the fairies) but they can hear me when I talk to them, and they told my dad that they made a gift for me.

Then the fairies gave me a cool tube–kind of looks like a bracelet—like a little piece of bark with a picture on it. I gave them cookies and I decorated their house with clay. But then the gnomes almost spotted them, so they had to take off my decorations, but they said it was so beautiful (and it was). Then we decided to build a trap (me my dad, and Aiden). We used sticks and string. I think one of the fairies played dead under the trap and they (the gnomes) went to check on her. And then the gnomes got caught but fairies are so tiny that she could fly right out of the holes. The gnomes lifted up the cage and they got away but they said that they would leave the fairies alone for a year until this month next year—in July. Then I guess I’ll have to help the fairies again. Well I was planning for you guys to hang onto the cage, then we can tell the kids who want to help them that we already have a cage for them, so someone else can probably do the cage.

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  1. Sid says:

    How exciting, Lily! So glad the Fairies will be okay until we come again next year!

    Love, Dad!

    Please check on the fairies from time to time, Sue and Andy, and we’ll see you in July ’08!