The Dragon Boat Races

Last Saturday the Grand Marais Harbor park filled up with teams and spectators in a rainbow of different tshirts—our (Hungry Jack Outfitter sponsored) team wore lime green. All proceeds went to local causes—the Hospital, North House Folk School, WTIP Radio. This was my first time on a Dragon Boat Team—didn’t really think it could hurt so much to pull that boat across the harbor—so I was pleasantly surprised. Lisa set the heartbeat on the drum up front, Dave hollered commands as he steered the boat, the rest of us pulled in unison. Truly a rush of synergy. (Note, most of the photos are of the kids races–I had the honor of riding without being allowed to paddle–there is no time for photos when I’m supposed to be reaching and pulling!).
For me the day was joyfully over-stimulated. Keeping track of the races, the kids, unexpected faces popping out of the crowd—left me wanting more time with each. My summers feel like they have the same sense of busy happy hectic ness. People come and go, I want more time , and always there is somewhere else I need to be. I watch my children leaping off the dock—I plan to get down there, turn around and they’re riding away on bicycles. The guests—many becoming dear friends, are gone in a flash… I’m living a slideshow existence of photo moments.
When I have time to reflect—to pull out the snapshots of my days—it’s late September.. A friend sent me a poignant “take time to smell the flowers” poem. So true, but not on the 2nd of August. We do have balance here, just not a daily balance. There are some days in the winter when the woods are empty. The trick is always to savor the moments as they come, savor the busy hectic ness, savor the dark quietness. Both have their season.

Weather: has been warm, clear, windy, dry. Beginning August 3rd, there is a fire ban in the woods.