It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

But a little chilly!   Some entry points around here reamin closed, but cabin and canoe guests are finding plenty of lovely places to paddle the Gunflint Trail today.

The cold weather is holding that Pagami Creek Fire steady on the west end.  Lots of reinforcements have arrived from all over the country to fight the fire down there, but we’re still waiting for the clouds to change—the greatest reinforcements will be the big soaking rains.  Until then, if you check out the map you can see the most current map of the fire. 

I’m really thankful that the people are still safe.  I’m remembering that fire is good–we need it in this fire-dependent ecosystem.  The woods will be fine, but that is enough for this year, thank you.   In the meantime….it sure is a lovely day.  (thanks again to Rachel Swenson for the photographs)