Little Rascals

It’s kind of quiet for a few hours-turnover in cabins today, all the paddlers are out on the water.

We’re all push overs for the little guys around here. They run around and eventually squirm their way into our hearts.

Ben spent the day in the outfitting yard yesterday. He insisted on 5 photos because he is 5 years old. After awhile, “helping” included spraying John and Carl with the hose, as they were moving the canoes around. At one point John said…”Uh oh, Ben, I think you might be busted.” His mom appeared out of nowhere, -to make sure he was truly helping. His lower lip only came out for 2 minutes, until he was happily invited back to the scrubbing.

Also–little chocolate Laramie was the new member of the Levin crew. Honestly, Could they be any cuter?