Kicking the Kek

Linda and her friends finished the Kekekabic Trail today. They came back all sweaty and dirty and beat up.

The trail runs about 41 miles from Snowbank Road to the Gunflint Trail–just about 1/2 mile from us. I don’t know the Ely end, but as you get close to us, it dips down to campsites on Gabimichigami, Howard, Bingshick and Agamok. It’s a great hiking/running trail for us around here—it’s well cared for and maintained by the USFS and the Kek Trail Club.
I know more people tend to traverse the entire trail in the spring and the fall.
It’s a rough trail–and when I asked them if they had fun, they just laughed at me. No they said, they’d never call it fun. This time of year it was sort of hot, the trail was grown over, and they met obstacles everywhere.
For Andy and me, was actually a refreshingly amusing trip report. We have had just gorgeous weather for the last month or so. Sweatshirts in the morning and evening, swimming in the afternoon, fish and sun. Everybody is usually so pleased with this little slice of nirvana.

Check them out though—they’re still glowing from the escapade. I’m sure they’ll not repeat this experience—-ever……..but it was an adventure–and adventures are the stuff of life. I had a little touch of envy as they laughed with each other….and I had to take their photo before I let them “get the hell out of here.”
They were definitely proud that they kicked the Kekekabic!