Maximum Capacity

It has been very hot and humid up here the past few days.

Getting through the work day can be a bit brutal when the air feels as thick as the lake water. The staff have been working on ways to cope.

We take ‘safety swims’ periodically where we stop what we are doing and jump in the lake for a quick dip to cool down.

We wash canoes efficiently in the lake.

The freezers are well stocked with icies and ice cream. After work, we congregate on the end of the dock and swim. Despite our best efforts, the heat is still causing a bit of insanity. The other afternoon, after some gunnel pumping practice, someone pointed out the load limit sticker in the front of the canoe. Of course we had to prove that wrong. We loaded up the canoe with the listed limit of 4 people, then kept adding until we reached 8 people, clearing the dock. We made it a ways away from the dock before capsizing. Deep down, that was the intent all along.