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When she was younger, Carmon was a canoe guide in the Boundary Waters.  She dreamed that she would someday find a guy who would be willing to take a honeymoon in the BWCAW.   She found a good one, —and one of the lakes she and Darrin enjoyed the most during that honeymoon, a few years back, was Gabimichigami.


Pepper (pink) and Gabi


Well, that was two beautiful children ago—and this summer it was time to return to Tuscarora, to introduce their girls to the Boundary Waters.  In fact, they plan to camp on Gabimichigami on July 11th—to celebrate Gabi’s 13th birthday.

The gave a paddle salute as they headed out in the Northshore canoe on this beautiful July day.  These are really happy people on their way to a special place.


IMG_0196 Here’s another photo of Pepper and Gabi.

Cheers to this happy family, making new memories on Gabimichigami!

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    Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to Gabi! Annette & Randy