Yesterday on the way to school Daniel looked at the thermometer and wondered if it was normal to have 41 degrees in June. The kids are so keyed into global warming issues that they often worry (more that I did at age 10) about average temperatures. Shelby doesn’t like to see the aspens becasue she thinks that they are threatening our boreal forest (which she worries about changing too fast). She also wants the pines to support the blueberries!

We talked about the ways that extremes that sometimes create the “average” number mathematically. It feels good to have a cold sunny morning. It feels good to see the lush forest–and to see the way that the burned areas are steadily recovering with a carpet of green plants.

It feels good to see the Cross River (on our driveway) run at a more normal spring rush–the water has come up a good 4 inches. Shelby is anxious to try tubing on the Cross River—fire fighters last summer had time to clear the deadfalls from here to Gunflint Lake, and as the weather warms up we’d like to see if that is a safe trip.

It feels good to have the staff ramping up and doing normal things—Kyle and Noah and Anna (4th and 5th year Gunflint Trail staffers) are helping to train in and welcome the newer ones. Also, the Tuscarora staff hosted a Gunflint Trail staff potluck last week—about 65 summer staffers attended–and planned for other ways to connect throughout the summer.

It feels good to see the woods so green. The fire ban has been completely lifted in the BWCA. We’re getting plenty of rain. There are some spots on the Gunflint Trail that have blueberry bushes that are thigh-high (maybe these were some domestic plants, Nancy Seaton thinks?) At any rate, it looks to be shaping up to be a bumper berry crop this year.

It feels good to have the campers coming out of the woods unconcerned with fire—the Frost River is coming back up and may actually be a pleasant option—the walleyes are hitting like crazy on Saganagons, the most experienced lake trout fishing people are catching them in Tuscarora, Long, Island, and Gillis.

It’s great to be alive in the north woods!

2 Responses

  1. Drew MacLeod says:

    I support BLUEBERRIES too. Yummy in your trail pancakes, oatmeal and desserts. Feel free to save some for me.
    I do miss the northwoods.
    Best Fishes to everyone at Tusc.
    May you always have mirazime in your spray bottle.

  2. ken says:

    I enjoy your blog site. Its been 6 years since I have been to Tuscarora. What happened to Carry Leads?