One More Father’s DayTribute

Dr Mark Wheeler was diagnosed with ALS in May…and former staff member Becca sent a note about her dad last night.

……I was on a remote mountain in Montana during this and tried to get home as fast as one could given the circumstances. At 9am this morning I was flying over the Mission Mountains thinking about him which is about the time he took his last breath. He died peacefully which we are all very thankful for. And he was wearing his favorite Tuscarora tshirt.

We’re grateful to Mark for raising such a strong and competent daughter. As we grieve for the entire Wheeler family, we’re taking an extra moment to savor our lives and our surroundings…and the people we love.

Our hearts go out to you Becca and your family today….we’re all sending our wishes for comfort and visions of still waters. We love you.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where is this photo taken? Is that Brant Lake island?

  2. Daniel took that on Caribou–looking south.